Marina Mandarina Series

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Marina´s Heart is a story about perseverance, sibling support, and the fun of making friends when you least expect it. Readers will identify with Marina’s challenges and delight in

her success.

Ages 4 - 9, 36 pages.

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Marina´s Hair is a story about self-confidence, acceptance, and friendship. Young readers will identify with Marina´s feelings and understand the importance of being true to yourself.

Ages 4 - 9, 40 pages.

“We are having a Valentine’s Day celebration next week!”, said Ms. Watkins, Marina’s first grade teacher. Marina loved school and her teacher, but when she heard the announcement, her heart stopped. She could write wonderful stories and could count up to one hundred all by herself, but... there was one thing she was just terrible at...

What could she do?

Marina´s Heart

(36 pages)

Marina´s Hair

(40 pages)

“Would you like to celebrate your birthday next Saturday?” asks

Marina´s mom, walking into her room. “We could invite your friends and bake a cake,” she said. On the big day, everything seems perfect.


But something goes wrong...