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Marina Mandarina Series

All books are available in English and Spanish

Marina´s Heart is a story about perseverance, sibling support, and the fun of making friends when you least expect it. Readers will identify with Marina’s challenges and delight in her success.


Ages 4 - 10, 36 pages.

Marina´s Hair is a story about self-confidence, acceptance, and friendship. Young readers will identify with Marina´s feelings and understand the importance of being true to yourself.

Ages 4 - 10, 40 pages.

Benjamin´s Pirate Ship is a story about self-confidence, discovering other people´s talents and value, respect, and friendship. Young readers will recognize that although not everyone has the same abilities, it is always possible to find strength and inspiration in others.

Ages 5 - 11, 40 pages.

Marina Recipe Book

Available in Spanish


Marina´s Recipe Book includes 15 recipes and contains fun facts on each page.

Starring Marina Books´ characters!

Ages 6 - 14, 31 pages.

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